Who We Are


What is an ecommerce enabler?

An ecommerce enabler serves as a bridge between businesses and ecommerce platforms, offering key growth services not being offered or capable to be managed by the platform or the business.

In other words: Leave the grind to us.

Currently, where are you here?

Has the pandemic affected your offline sales and regional exports?
Don’t know how to convert online audience to sales?
Interested to sell online but don’t know where to start?

Vijaya is your Partner!

We are a group of visionary, dedicated, and entrepreneurial ecommerce veterans dedicated to empowering Visayan and Mindanaoan businesses through end-to-end ecommerce enabling services. 

We are VISMIN’S ONLY LINK to international ecommerce companies:

The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’
and just call it commerce, the better.

Bob Willett

Former President, Best Buy International

Why choose Vijaya?

For VisMin, by VisMin experts

Localized ecommerce strategy that fits
the needs of the local industry.

Easy access to platforms

No need to go to Manila. We are your direct link to the country’s top ecommerce platforms.

Always passionate to innovate

We aim to be a catalyst of digital transformation in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Grow more digitally, right here in VisMin!

We scale up VisMin ecommerce

Expand to larger ecommerce market in VisMin through our industry expertise and aggressive investments on talent and relationship building.

There’s more space for everyone

VisMin only constitutes 20% of the ecommerce market, so there’s less competition and larger room for growth through our bottoms up approach.

Brands that trust Vijaya

We would love to start your ecommerce journey today.

Email us at partner@vijaya.asia or contact
+63 917 416 6434 to start growing through ecommerce.