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VisMin is a hotbed of possibilities.

But currently underserved by ecommerce players and other digital industries.

Perspective from the top

45 million population: VisMin is home to almost half of the Philippine population includes the most highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines outside of Metro Manila.

27.3% contribution to GDP: Highest contribution to the Philippine economy outside of the Greater Manila Area, and growing.

7.8% growth: Higher GDP growth compared to the national average, driven by key cities of Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro.

From the industry perspective

20% contribution to ecommerce: While lower than Greater Manila Area’s share, this presents both a challenge and room for growth for a business like Vijaya.

5.4% average household consumption: VisMin homes spend at an increasing rate with opportunities and retail options expanding.

Partner with Vijaya

Ecommerce expertise: Key founders and contributors have diverse experiences in ecommerce and fintech, and aim to bring these modern conveniences to VisMin.

First in market advantage: As an ecommerce enabler, we have sole presence in VisMin among 23 other enablers crowding the Greater Manila Area space.

Drastic growth: In a period of two months, the company breached acquisition and management records of around 150%, primarily because of immediate market need and good reception from the local retail players.

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